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"IRAQI GOVERNMENT (Republic of Iraq) they are BLACKLISTED because they are DECLARED as TERRORISTS".

We are in Full Support of National Organization of Iraqi Christians @NOOIC and we Strongly Believe & Demand the protection & equal rights/treatments etc. to All Iraqi Minorities in particular the Iraqi Christians, this is essential & it must be Preserved, and since Iraq's Christians have been & continue to be a constant target for executions, assassinations, discrimination, kidnapping etc. these heinous crimes committed toward Iraq's Christians are racially committed due to their Christian Faith (religion belief), in order to drive them out of Iraq. The U.S. Administration, & the World Leaders must not allow this to continue they are Serious Violations of various Human Right laws; also in violations of various Customary International Laws; Universal Declaration of Human Right Laws; Among many other recognized National & International Common Laws, etc. etc.

A start is to have Autonomous Region and to Self Rule within Nineveh Plains Province, Iraq, for the Iraqi Indigenous Christians, where Iraqi Jewish may feel comfortable & safe to go to Iraq & other Minority Group, the Nineveh Plains Province should be provided to ALL Iraqi Minorities groups including Iraq's Christians the Indigenous Christians that still speak the same exact language of Jesus Christ had spoken, which the Iraqi Indigenous Christians entitles them for at least 10% of Entire Iraq's Oil Revenue (Retroactive) & Proceeds, as the Iraqi Indigenous Christians & Iraqi Jews were in Iraq long before the Iraqi Muslims. Please push to demand that Iraqi Government to declare that Nineveh Plains Province is to be Self Rule by Iraqi Minority groups Especially the Christians of Iraq. As of now we Declare Iraqi Government, the ruling Government of Iraqi Kurds, the Iraqi Turks etc. they are All to be BLACKLISTED as they are Considered TERRORISTS. We continue to Pray for Almighty GOD To protect, rescue & save the Iraqi Christians.

Our suffering is never in vain, embrace it as JESUS embraced HIS Cross. One day our glory will come through THE MESSIAH, and HE will embrace us as HE does already. All of Iraqi Christians Must Unite, Come together, & Join each other with one another and embrace all that wish to support in the Struggle of the Christians of Iraq, to be Equally Treated in their Homeland & to have Equal Rights including at least 10% of Iraq's Entire Oil Reserve the Revenue & proceeds to be Retroactive this is for the Iraq's Christians Lawful Rights, otherwise we will continue in our Struggle & Objectives & Fight against Anyone who does Not wish to abide, no matter how strong & powerful the oppressors are, we have Faith in GOD via. Our Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST, that is All we need in order to prevail, as for now we BLACKLIST Iraqi Government, Iraqi Kurds, Iraqi Turks and declare them ALL as TERRORISTS 


Help Prevent Another Genocide See Previous Genocide Against Iraqi Christians inside Iraq

While the Iraqi Government allowed Genocide to Occur against Iraq's Christians it is obvious Iraqi Government was and Always will be Terrorists & Racist toward Christians of Iraq.

See some Photos of the few Current head Government positions of Iraq, Corrupt Officials AKA Terrorists.

Ahmad Al-Chalabi

Jalal Talabani

Massod Barzani

Nuri al-Maliki

Nuri al-Maliki

Talabani Al-Sader 27/4/2012

Talabani Barzani 25/04/12

Tariq al-Hashemi

Grand Ayatollah Sayed Ahmed Hassani Al-Baghdadi

Grand Ayatollah Sayed Ahmed Hassani Al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Letter of Ultimatum

Thank you.






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